Best USB to Headphone Jack Converters

USB to Headphone jack converters allow you to plug in a normal pair of headphones into a USB port. They work by sending your computer’s audio output signal out of a USB port and then providing you with a headphone port to plug your 1/8th inch (standard size) headphones into them.

Example uses for USB to Headphone Jack Converters

You might want to use a USB to headphone jack converter if your computer’s sound card is broken and you don’t want to pay for costly repairs. Or, you might be using a laptop that doesn’t have a headphone jack, or perhaps you just want to be able to plug in a pair of headphones into your keyboard which might have a spare USB port on it, instead of the computer itself.

The Best USB to Headphone Jack Converters:

SYBA External USB Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows, Mac, Linux Extra Audio Source with Microphone Jack
USB to Headphone Jack Adapter

This USB to headphone adapter provides you with a standard size headphone jack in exchange for a USB port on your computer. It does not require USB 3.0 to work– any old normal USB 2.0 port will work just fine. It also provides you with a 1/8th inch microphone jack, in case you want to use one of those as well.

EC Technology Aluminum External USB Sound Card Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Stereo Headphone/Speaker and Mono Microphone Jacks
USB to Headphone Jack Adapter

Here’s another extremely well reviewed USB to headphone jack converter. It does the exact same thing as the other model listed above, but this one is silver. Which one should you choose? Honestly, they’re exactly the same, it just comes down to your color preference: black vs silver.