The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Kids (Child Size Wireless Headphones)

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

If you’re looking for child wireless headphones, you’re in the right place. Bluetooth headphones for kids have two major advantages. First: there’s no cord to get tangled, which is a huge advantage with some kids. Second, with Bluetooth headphones you don’t have to worry about whether or not your phone or tablet has a headphone jack or a USB-C jack or a lightning jack, because Bluetooth works with all of them. This way you can pair them with a variety of devices without worrying about what specific size jack they use.

Some wireless Bluetooth headphones for kids also offer a plug-in option called a “shareport” which lets you connect two different sets of headphones together so both kids can listen to the same content (movie, music, YouTube etc) without the parents having to hear it, such as during a car ride. We’ll point out which models offer this connection option below.

Child size wireless headphones

Puro Sound Labs Child Headphones (Wireless)

Here’s a great pair of children’s wireless headphones for iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android devices. They ship with Bluetooth 4.0 which works up to 30 feet away from your device. Like many headphones for kids, this model has a volume limiter (85 decibel max, plus a noise isolation feature) that will protect kids’ ears from turning their music too loud, even if their phone or tablet would ordinarily allow it. This model also comes in multiple colors and has soft ear cups with no sharp edges. It also has physical volume controls on the side of the right ear cup, plus a microphone for call answering. Estimated battery life: 18 hours (200 hours of standby time). Comes with a hard carrying case.

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

This set of child size headphones work wirelessly with your iPhone/iPad/Android tablet using Bluetooth. These headphones for kids have a convenient SharePort on their side which allows you to link two sets of headphones together so both kids can listen to the same thing at the same time. This solution to link two kids’ headphones together is great for sharing a movie on an iPad without disturbing parents in the car. To use the SharePort feature, simply plug in a pair of wired headphones into the headphone jack on the side of these headphones. These child over ear headphones also limit volume to a maximum of 93 decibels to prevent your child from damaging their ears by turning the music up too loud. Recommended for ages 4 and up, available in a variety of colors.

eKids Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Kids

These headphones for children come in an assortment of fun and bright designs that correspond with popular kids movies. They work with any phone, tablet, or computer that has Bluetooth connectivity (iPhone/Android, Mac/PC). These child wireless headphones fold to fit into a compact space for easy travel packing, and feature soft ear cups and a soft headband. The eKids headphones are volume limited so sound doesn’t get too loud and they also come with a detachable plug in cable in case you need to use them with a device that doesn’t offer Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Up to 18 hours continuous play time before recharging, offered in a variety of kid-friendly designs.

PowerLocus Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Teens

This pair of wireless headphones fits teenagers and adults and some older kids. It has an FM radio and a Micro SD card slot so you can store your own music in the headphones and use them as an MP3 player without any other device needed. These Bluetooth headphones also come with a detachable cable which lets you plug into devices that don’t offer Bluetooth wireless access. Has a built in microphone to take calls with, when paired with a cell phone. Comes in a variety of color schemes (the product listing shows your color options). Note that because this pair of wireless over ear headphones is designed with adults in mind, it does not have the same volume limiter features as some of the other bluetooth headphones for kids listed in this article. So if volume limited headphones are an important feature to you, consider a different pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for kids on this list.

MindKoo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Cat Ear Foldable Headphones for Kids

This fun set of children’s wireless headphones for iPad/iPhone/Android is inspired by cats. It has LED lights in the ears that light up when it’s playing music and features soft, comfortable ear cups. This model is pink but it’s available in a few different colors including black. Features volume control buttons as well as an integrated microphone for taking calls without plugging anything in. Like some other models of child size wireless headphones, this pair has the option to plug it in when it’s low on battery (it comes with a detachable cord to plug into a normal headphone jack). As you might expect, battery life varies depending on whether you’re using it with the lights. Ranges from 5-10 hours of continuous play time, depending on whether the lights are on (unlimited battery life when it’s plugged in with the included wired headphone cord and not using any lights).

Frequently asked questions about child sized wireless headphones

What is a volume limiter? Do headphones for kids need to have this?

Many headphones for children now feature a built in volume limiter which prevents the headphones from reproducing sounds louder than a specific decibel range (usually 80-90 decibels). This is because many parents are concerned about kids damaging their hearing by listening to music too loudly in their headphones. Some manufacturers are wireless bluetooth headphones for kids have built this feature into their headphones, and many of the options featured in this article (although not all) offer a volume limiter for kids.

What kind of devices can you use children’s wireless headphones with?

All the wireless headphones listed in this article use the Bluetooth wireless audio standard that has been embraced across the audio device industry. That means that you can use these headphones with iPhone and Android phones, as well as with tablets like iPads and Android tablets, plus computers like Mac and PC laptops and Microsoft Surface and Chromebooks. Some of the headphones listed in this article even come with cords that you can plug in to make them work with devices that don’t have Bluetooth, such as portable DVD players built into cars.

Do these wireless headphones use AA batteries or are they rechargeable?

All of the child headphones wireless connection type featured on this list have rechargeable batteries. You simply plug the headphones into a power source to recharge them. Many of these headphones feature USB charging cords. You can check on each individual child wireless headphones product listing page for the specifics on how to recharge them.