The Best HDMI Right Angle Adapters

HDMI right angle adapters are very useful for plugging in HDMI devices in cramped areas, such as the back of a television inside a small entertainment center, or mounted on a wall. There are a few different types of HDMI right angle adapters, so getting the right kind of adapter is important.

Here are some of the best HDMI right angle adapters:

90 degree/270 degree right angle HDMI adapters
Best HDMI Right Angle Adapter

These adapters will help you plug into an HDMI port when space is limited (such as right in front of a wall, where there might not be room for a full HDMI cable to bend and snake its way out). This kit includes both one 90 degree HDMI right angle adapter and one 270 degree right angle HDMI adapter, meaning that whether your port is right side up or upside down, you’ll have the correct adapter for either situation.

90 degree/270 degree flat right angle HDMI adapters
Best HDMI Right Angle Adapter

In circumstances when your HDMI port is mounted vertically (i.e. on the side of a tv for instance), a flat HDMI adapter may work better than a horizontal one. This kit features two flat HDMI right angle adapters: one with the output facing up, and the other with the output facing downward.

Male to female adjustable right angle HDMI adapter
Best HDMI Right Angle Adapter

This adapter can help you in circumstances when space is truly at a premium and you want to be able to get an HDMI input port at a customizable angle.