4 Best USB C to Lightning Charging Cable for iPhone and MacBook

Best USB C to Lightning Charging Cable for iPhone and MacBook

The newest MacBooks have USB C ports, so if you want to charge or sync your iPhone or iPad, you’re going to need a new cable. USB C to lightning charging cables are the new standard for Apple charging, but you may need to buy a new cable in order to connect your device to your Macbook. We’ve rounded up the best USB C to lightning cables for all your charging needs.

Make sure you have a USB C wall charger if you want to plug your device into an outlet to charge.

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you prefer to use official Apple cables, then the Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable will meet your needs. Available in 1 meter or 2 meter lengths, this cable can charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via power adapter or plug into a Mac with USB C.

3ft Anker USB C to Lightning Cable

If you like the look of the classic white Apple charging cable but don’t like the price, this 3 foot cable from Anker is an affordable alternative. At a fraction of the price, you can get fast charging and back up your iPhone with ease.

Available in black and white. MFi Certified.

10 Foot USB C to Lightning Cable

If you prefer a long cable that makes it easy to charge and use your device at the same time, this is the cable for you. Anker makes one of the longest USB C to lightning charging cables on the market, topping out at 10 feet long. We like it when we’re traveling. You never know where an outlet will be in an AirBNB or hotel room, so this gives you plenty of length to lay in bed and use your phone while it’s charging.

This is a nylon cable, which is sturdier and less likely to crack than plastic cables. MFi Certified. Available in 1ft, 3.3ft, 6ft, and 10 ft lengths.

6″ USB C to Lightning Cable.

If you need something more compact than traditional charging cables, this is a great option. This USB C to lightning cable is only 6 inches long, more than enough length to plug into your laptop without having a long cable to get tangled on your desk or in your bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between USB C and old USB?

USB C is a great improvement on the old USB types, not only in performance but also in ease of use. Ever have that fun experience of trying to plug your USB cable in three times before it will go in? That isn’t a problem with USB C, which is designed to work no matter which side is up. The connector is also smaller, closer to the size of a micro USB connector. Because of its smaller size, it can be used with thinner devices.

USB C is twice as fast as USB 3, so you’ll be able to transfer files and back up your phone twice as fast as before. It’s also backward compatible, meaning you can use a USB C to USB A adapter to plug an older cable or device into your newer device with USB C ports.

Do I need a new charging brick for USB C?

Unfortunately, USB C cables to not fit in the old style USB ports. You either need to use an older Lightning to USB cable or buy a new USB C compatible charging brick. For charging, it’s recommended to buy a new brick rather than using a USB C to USB A adapter.