Best USB C Wall Charging Bricks

4 Best USB C Wall Charging Bricks

If you need a replacement wall charger for your smartphone or you recently bought a new iPhone that didn’t come with a charging brick, we’ve got you covered. These are the best wall power adapters for USB C charging cables. These work with USB C to lightning cables for Apple devices and other USC C charging cables.

Looking for a charging brick for an older USB charging cable? Check out the best USB A wall chargers.

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

If you’re brand loyal to Apple, this is the wall charger for you to charge your iPhone or iPad. This 20W charger allows faster charging (up to 50% in 20 minutes and 100% in just over two hours–learn more) in the newer iPhone 12 & 13. Pair it with the USB C to lightning cable that came with your phone and you’re ready to go.

Anker USB C 20W Charger

If you want a 20W charger but don’t want to buy an Apple brick, this is an excellent alternative. This 20W charger offers the same fast charging in a 50% smaller-sized wall adapter, so it’s more convenient to carry in your purse or pocket.

Available in black, white, lavender gray, and mint green colors. 18 month warranty.

USB C Dual Wall Charger

If you own an iPhone and an iPad, a dual wall charger like this allows you to charge both devices at once without taking up two outlets. This AC adapter is 40W, allowing for 20W fast charging from each port for smartphones and tablets. If you use only one port, it can provide up to 30W charging, which can be used for Macbook air, iPad Pro, and Pixel 6 Pro.

24 month warranty.

USB C & USB A 4 Port Wall Charger

If you have a mixture of chargers and devices, this charging brick is the best of both worlds. This charger features two of the older style USB A ports and two USB C ports. The device can deliver a max of 100W, with 45W via USB C and 18W via USB A. This charger is perfect for traveling, the plug is foldable and it includes an EU and UK plug adapter for European travel.

Available in black and white.

Don’t forget to pick up a USB C to Lightning charging cable to go with your new wall charger.

If you have an older charging cable, you will need a USB A Wall Charging Brick.

Do you need a travel power adapter if you’re visiting Japan from the USA?

If you’re from the United States or Canada, you may be wondering if you need a travel power adapter when traveling to Japan. The answer is maybe, depending on what types of electronics you’re bringing with you. We’ll explain whether or not you need travel power adapters for Japan in this article.

The first thing to understand is that when we’re traveling internationally we care about two different things: first, what type of physical plugs the wall power outlets have. And second, what voltage those local power outlets provide to our electronics. These two considerations are totally separate.

Japan uses a slightly different voltage of power than the US/Canada but the wall power outlets you find in Japan are compatible physically with American and Canadian plugs. More on the voltage issue below. You will find these two types of outlets in Japan (just like the ones at home):

Japanese power outlets

These are called Type A/B power outlets (Type A is the two-prong version; Type B is the three-prong outlet).

As you’ll notice, they’re the typical US-style two and three prong power outlets. While three-prong outlets are the norm in the United States these days, the two-prong outlets are more common in Japan. So if you’re traveling with electronics that have a 3 prong power plug, you’ll want to bring a few three prong to 2 prong converters like this product:

3 Prong to 2 Prong Adapter

This is a simple three-pack of prong adapters for travel or other use. It will allow you to plug in your electronics that have three prong plugs (like laptops or other devices) into outlets that only offer two prongs, like many in Japan.

Since Japan has a lot of two-plug outlets– they’re more common than they are in the USA for instance– it will help you to bring along one or two of these adapters in case you find yourself in a hotel room that only offers two prong outlets.

Do you need a voltage converter when traveling to Japan?

Remember how we said the voltage was different between the US and Japan? Many people wonder things like “do I need to bring a travel adapter for my laptop/MacBook when visiting Japan?” or “do I need a power adapter for my iPhone/cell phone charger when visiting Japan?” People also often want to know if their camera chargers will work in Japan.

Well, here’s the scoop on Japanese voltage compared to North America:

Japanese standard: 50 Hertz/100 Volts

North American standard: 60 Hertz/120 Volts

As you can see, it’s not a huge difference, but it is a little bit different. What does this mean for you practically speaking?

Most sophisticated computerized electronics these days have voltage adapters built in that can switch from 60 Hertz/120 Volt (the US standard) to 50 Hertz/100 Volt (the Japanese standard) without any additional gadgets. Here’s an example of an American iPhone charging brick which adapts voltage to work with Japanese voltage:

You can find that same small print about automatic voltage conversion on devices like Macbook power adapters and many other laptop power adapters. Check for it on the bottom of the power adapter to see if your devices have this feature — many complex items like phones and computers will have voltage conversion for Japan built in.

But electronics that involve heating elements and less complex electronics like a simple hairdryer might need an actual voltage converter to make it compatible with Japanese power outlets, even though it has a normal plug.

Here are a couple of international voltage adapters you can take to Japan to use with a hairdryer or other similar products:

Voltage Converter for International Trave

A voltage converter will be especially if you’re visiting Japan with a device like a hairdryer or a curling iron or a similar product that doesn’t automatically switch to 50 Hertz/100 Volts with its own power charger. This travel power adapter for Japan (and Europe and other places) even includes a built-in surge protector. It plugs directly into the wall with a two prong “Type A” plug (which is perfect for Japan although it also comes with adapters for the UK, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand too).

This travel power adapter for Japan (and other places) provides you with: one three prong North American style plug, one two prong plug, and two USB charging ports which are perfect for charging your cell phone, iPad/tablet, or digital camera in Japan.

Voltage Converter for use with Hairdryers & Other Electronics

This voltage converter works with hairdryers, hair straighteners, and other electric equipment that you might need to travel with. It has a switch on the side which allows you to control which type of voltage you need to convert depending on which country you’re in. This voltage converter for Japan also works in 149 other countries and comes with a set of pop-out plugs so you can fit it into most types of wall sockets that are in common use today around the world.

Note that this is not simply a plug adapter; it’s a full-fledged voltage converter (plug adapters are cheaper, lighter/smaller, and do not convert voltage types so your electronics could still fail to work or get fried if you try to use them in the wrong places).

The bottom line on travel power adapters for Japan – Do you need one?

If you’re traveling to Japan from the US or Canada, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Check all the plugs for your electronic devices to see if they are marked as 50/60 Hertz and 100-120V compatible. If they aren’t marked or are marked only 60 Hertz/120V only, then you’ll need to pick up a travel voltage adapter like this one.
  2. Check if any of your electronics have three-prong power adapters, if they do you’ll want to pick up a few three-to-two-prong power adapters like this one.
  3. Because hotels can often have limited power outlets in convenient locations around the room, you may wish to also get a small travel strip to turn one outlet into many places to plug your gear in:

Surge Protector Travel Power Strip

This is a convenient travel power strip that will allow you to plug in two normal electronic devices like laptops (with either US plugs or European plugs due to the multi-outlet design) as well as up to four USB devices for charging. The self-coiling cord reaches 5 feet in length and comes in a choice of color (black or colorful). This travel power strip works in Japan because it’s compatible with power outlets from 100-240 volts which means it also works in Europe as well. Comes with a convenient travel pouch to carry the power strip in while you’re traveling.

Frequently asked questions about using travel power adapters in Japan

It sounds like I don’t need a voltage converter or anything to visit Japan and use my electronics – is that really correct?

If you’re bringing electronics that automatically convert voltage from North American standards to Japanese standards (like an iPhone charger and a MacBook power adapter) you’ll be fine. But if any of your electronics have a three prong plugs, we recommend buying at least one two to three prong power adapter converters like this one because two-prong outlets are more common in Japan than they are in other “Type A” outlet countries like the US and Canada or Mexico.

What is Japan’s plug type called? What do Japanese power outlets look like?

Japanese power outlets

Japanese power outlets look very familiar to American, Canadian, or other North American visitors since they use the same outlets. The two prong versions are called “Type A” power outlets and the three prong power outlets are called “Type B” wall outlets. Type A/B power outlets are used in the US, Japan, Canada, many Caribbean islands, some South American countries, and some parts of Asia and Africa as well as Mexico.

Which Adapter for Thailand? US to Thailand Power Adapters & Plug Converters

Which Adapter for Greece? US to Greece Power Adapters & Plug Converters

List: The Best Travel Voltage Converters & Foreign Power Adapters

Which Adapter for Thailand? US to Thailand Power Adapters & Plug Converters

If you’re traveling to Thailand, you may encounter a number of different types of electrical plugs on your trip. Officially, Thailand is slowly migrating to a brand new type of power outlet called Type O, but these outlets are not in common use yet.

In reality, what you may encounter in Thailand are: Type A/B power outlets (often compatible with US devices– more on that below), Type C power outlets (compatible with some European devices), and occasionally the new Type O power outlets. Some “hybrid” power outlets built into walls in Thailand will allow all three of these plugs.

So, what kind of power adapter do you need in Thailand? Here are our recommendations:

If you’re bringing Type A (normal American two prong) devices: you’ll probably be fine without any adapter. Be sure to check the voltage of the device to make sure it switches automatically (scroll down to see the important note in bold below for more on that).

If you’re bringing a Type B (American 3 prong) device: you may run into Thai power outlets that only accept two prong devices. In this case, consider bringing along a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter like this one:

If you’re bringing a European electronic product, we recommend buying a Europe to US power adapter.

Important note on power voltage: In addition to using different physical plugs, Thailand also uses a slightly different power voltage than the US does. If you’re bringing items a cell phone charger and a laptop, most of these automatically switch voltage to work anywhere (so long as the plug fits). To be sure, check the fine print on the device for something like this:

If it doesn’t allow usage at 220 volts and 50 hz like the above iPhone charger does, then you’ll need a travel voltage converter in addition to whatever else you bring. Common examples of items that may need these special converters are hair dryers or some electric shavers.

Here is one of our favorite travel voltage adapters for Thailand:

Universal World Travel Adapter and Converter – 220V to 110V Transformer

This is a great travel voltage converter for Thailand which can help you “step up” or “step down” to the local power voltage in the country you will be visiting, not just Thailand. It is compact and plugs directly into the wall to provide you with a three prong standard US power outlet which will work in Thailand, though you will also want to pick up a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter in case you run into an old 2 prong outlet. This travel transformer includes four different plug accessories: one for Europe, one for Australia/New Zealand/China, one for the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) and another for the USA. It works with hairdryers, curling irons, laptops, phone chargers and more.

Another thing that makes this one of the best travel voltage converters is that it includes four USB ports, allowing you to plug in your cell phone, tablet or other devices that charge via USB such as some cameras.

Frequently asked questions about power adapters for Thailand

Will my Macbook or iPhone or Android phone work in Thailand?

All Apple produts will work right out of the box. You should be able to charge any modern laptop or cell phone in Thailand using the normal Type A plug (although again, we recommend checking the fine print to be sure, especially if you have a cheap Android phone charging brick or PC laptop). You may need a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter for laptop charging cables which are often three pronged.

Is there anything else I need to use my US electronics in Thailand?

We often recommend that people get a travel power strip when they travel, because it’s very handy to have all your devices plugged into the same outlet, especially if you want to be able to charge two phones and a computer at once. Often times hotel rooms will have only one conveniently placed power outlet which can be pretty annoying. Here’s a travel power adapter that we often recommend to international travelers because it’s very compact:

This is a great power adapter for Thailand because it provides a universal hybrid input (allowing you to plug in US devices or devices from another country) and get a two prong 100-240V 50-60Hz electrical plug to insert into the wall. Plus it’s got an easy-coil 5 foot long cable that’s brightly colored and easy to spot so you won’t trip over it. It also has four USB outlets and comes with a compact carrying bag.

Is the electricity in Thailand safe to use?

Generally yes! Although substandard wiring exists in many Thai buildings, the power itself should be fine to use with your devices, provided they automatically switch voltage (see the important voltage note above and buy a voltage converter if you have a hairdryer or other device that doesn’t auto-switch voltage). You may decide you don’t want to leave your computer charging in your hotel room out of an abundance of caution if you’re staying in a particularly old hotel.

Where do these Thai travel power adapters work?

These travel power adapters for Thailand will work all across the country, including Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and many others.

Can I buy power adapters when I get to Thailand if I need them?

You may be able to however we recomend purchasing them in advance in case you get stuck in a rural area without an easy way to get electronics while you’re traveling. Additionally, the safety quality of some locally-made electronics like step down converters or power strips may not be as high in Thailand as those licensed for sale in the United States.

What is the best power adapter for Thailand?

If you’re traveling from the US, you probably won’t need any power adpater for Thailand since most outlets are hybrid sockets that accept US standard 2 prong plugs. If you’re traveling with American three prong devices you may want to bring a three prong to two prong adapter in case you run into power outlets that only accept two prong devices.

Which Adapter for Greece? US to Greece Power Adapters & Plug Converters

List: The Best Travel Voltage Converters & Foreign Power Adapters

Do you need a travel power adapter if you’re visiting Japan from the USA?

List: The Best Travel Voltage Converters & Foreign Power Adapters

When you’re traveling abroad with electronics there are two things you’ll need to sort out in order to plug them in:

  1. The physical shape of the plug that goes into the foreign wall socket
  2. The power voltage that the wall socket sends to your electronics

↓ Skip directly down to our list of best voltage adapters

Depending on where you’re traveling to, you may have to worry about only one of these problems. But in many foreign countries you may need to deal with both power voltage and the physical plugs in order to charge your cell phone, use a laptop, or hairdryer. The US, Canada, Mexico and some parts of Latin America use roughly the same voltage but in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia you may need a travel power adapter to “step down” the power voltage for your electronics so you won’t fry your gear. In this article we’ve gathered together all the information you need to choose the best foreign voltage converter for your upcoming trip.

Check out the following (simplified) voltage chart to see the difference between power voltage in the US and elsewhere:

USA Voltage: Elsewhere Voltage:
120 V @ 60 Hz 230 V @ 50 Hz

As you can see, there’s quite a difference between these and if you don’t use a travel voltage converter, you might accidentally fry your electronics if you expose it to too much power.

First thing’s first: you’ll need to know whether the electronics you’re traveling with will actually need a travel transformer or not. This is important because many modern electronic devices (especially expensive ones) will have voltage converters built in. To figure out whether or not your devices are covered, take a look on the bottom of the device’s power charger and see if you can find any fine print about voltage. For example, here’s the charging brick for an iPhone:

best foreign power voltage converter

As you can see, it has a wide range of voltage and frequencies that it will work properly under. Because this charging brick lists both the US voltage/frequency (~120 volts @ 60 Hz) and European voltage frequencies (~ 230 V @ 50 Hz) it will be safe to use almost anywhere in the world without a travel voltage converter (though it may still need a separate travel plug adapter to physically fit into a foreign wall socket). Many but not all electronics are like this these days.

If, after examining your travel electronics closely you discover you’ll still need a European voltage adapter (or voltage adapter for travel somewhere else in the world), we’ve gathered together the best of them for you in the following list.

The best travel power converters & travel power adapters:

best travel power converterBestek 4-Port USB Power Converter 220V to 110V Travel Voltage Converter with International UK/EU/AU Adapter Plugs

This travel power converter comes with a set of plug adapters which allows you to adapt it to whichever country you’re in (or at least as long as you’re going to Europe, the UK, Australia, or some parts of Asia that use the three plug shapes that are included in this kit).

It provides you with three standard US shape plugs for your electric devices as well as four USB ports for charging a cell phone, iPad or other USB powered device (allowing you to plug in up to 7 items simultaneously). One nice feature of this foreign voltage converter is that it is actually a power strip with a 5 foot long extension cable, meaning that if you’re using it in a hotel room with inconveniently located power outlets, you will have flexible placement options within the room.

The Bestek 4-port USB power converter comes in either black or white versions.


Article continues below

best travel power converterUniversal World Travel Adapter and Converter – 220V to 110V Transformer

Here’s another good travel voltage converter which can help you “step up” or “step down” to the local power voltage in the country you will be visiting. It is compact and plugs directly into the wall to provide you with a three prong standard US power outlet which will work in virtually any country. This travel transformer includes four different plug accessories: one for Europe, one for Australia/New Zealand/China, one for the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) and another for the USA. It works with hairdryers, curling irons, laptops, phone chargers and more.

Another thing that makes this one of the best travel voltage converters is that it includes four USB ports, allowing you to plug in your cell phone, tablet or other devices that charge via USB such as some cameras.

best travel power converterVLG Colorful Travel Adapter & Charter With USB Ports

If you’re anything like us, when you leave a hotel room to check out you do several paranoid double checks to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind. With a travel voltage adapter as bright as this one, you’ll never be afraid that you might have missed it or left it behind. This is one of the best travel voltage converters we’ve found and it comes in six different colors. This charger gives you one standard US power socket to plug your devices (or a power strip) into, as well as two USB ports. It’s small and light, weighing only a few ounces. (Note: this may not provide enough power for a hair dryer.)

best travel power converterTravel Smart by Conair 1875-Watt Converter with High/Low Selector Switch

Here’s another one of the best travel power converters. It measures just three and a half inches tall and converts power from virtually anywhere around the world to the normal US voltage and frequency. It also has a high/low switch for devices that need high amounts of wattage (like hair dryers).

This travel power adapter also comes with five different swappable plug heads which let you plug into a wall socket nearly anywhere. And the replacement socket plugs have regions and countries labelled on them, which is a nice touch so you don’t have to look up online which specific adapter to take with you before you pack.

best travel power converterUniversal Travel Power Strip Power Adapter With 2 AC Sockets And 4 Smart USB Charge Ports

This universal travel power adapter gives you two standard US sized power sockets as well as four USB charging ports for devices like phones, tablets or other USB charging electronics. It can offer up to 2500 watts of power, enough for even the most power-hungry hair dryer or other device.

The Universal Travel Power Strip is able to charge up to six devices at once and provides a cable several feet long. It comes with three interchangeable international plug converters to connect directly to wall sockets in European countries, the UK and some Asian countries.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel power adapters and foreign voltage converters

Will every adapter on this list work with a hair dryer?

No. Some of the smaller travel transformers don’t offer enough wattage for a power-hungry hair dryer so if you have a large hair dryer you need to convert to US power voltage, we recommend something like the last product on this list that provides up to 2500 watts of power.

Do I need a power voltage converter for my laptop? Do I need a travel power converter for my cell phone?

Most modern laptops like Macbooks and phones like iPhones have built in automatic voltage switchers in their normal power chargers or power bricks. If the device says in fine print something like: “Input: 100-240V ~50/60 Hz” then you should be able to use it virtually anywhere in the world without a travel voltage converter. Note that you might still need to buy a travel plug adapter to physically plug the power cable into the wall socket, depending on which country you’re in.

Will these travel power adapters work in every country?

Pretty much, unless you run into electrical wiring in a building that is not “up to code” in the country it’s in. The range of power voltage that the devices in this article cover will be appropriate for just about every country in the world. You can learn more about the different power voltages used in various countries on Wikipedia.

Which Adapter for Greece? US to Greece Power Adapters & Plug Converters

We’ve got all the information you need about which power adapter to use in Greece, and US to Greece power adapter converters.

Greece uses the Type E/F or Type C plug (both work).

The Europlug, or Type C power plug consists of two round pins which plug into Grecian power sockets. Type E/F are basically the same thing only with slightly thicker pins which will generally fit as well. Type C and E/F outlets are also common elsewhere throughout Europe (though not in the United Kingdom, the island of Cyprus, or the island of Malta).

The best US to Greece Travel Power Adapters

Best travel power adapter for GreeceType E/F Power Adapter 2 in one

This Type E/F power adapter allows you to adapt a US electronic device (or a Canadian one, or the plugs of several other countries like the UK) to the common Type E/F power socket found in Greece and elsewhere. It’s also a two in one solution which lets you plug in one US device to the top and another to the back of the adapter, providing you with dual sockets. This power adapter will also work in many other countries in Europe and elsewhere that use Type E/F sockets. Important note: Please see our FAQ at the bottom of this article about the voltage and frequency used in Greece to determine whether or not you will also need to purchase a voltage converter to use in addition to this plug adapter.

Best travel power adapter for GreeceType C Power Adapter Black 4 Pack

This Type C power adapter allows you to adapt a US electronic device to the common Type C Europlug found in Greece and elsewhere. This power adapter four pack will also work in many other countries in Europe and elsewhere that use Type C sockets (the most common type in the world). Important note: Please see our FAQ at the bottom of this article about the voltage and frequency used in Greece to determine whether or not you will also need to purchase a voltage converter to use in addition to this plug adapter.

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Best travel power adapter for GreeceMultipack of 5 World Travel Power Adapters

If you’re looking for a multipack of several different power adapters that you can use in Greece and many other countries around the world, this item might be the best choice. It includes 5 different world power travel adapters that work in Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, Middle East and more. This set includes both types of European/South American plugs (Type C and Type E/F) as well as Type G (for the UK), Type B (for the US/Canada/Japan) and Type I (for Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina). Although there are a few oddball countries that aren’t included in this multipack of travel power adapters (like India or South Africa or Brazil), this set will cover you for travel in almost all of the world. Important note: Please see our FAQ at the bottom of this article about the voltage and frequency used in Greece to determine whether or not you will also need to purchase a voltage converter to use in addition to this plug adapter.

Best travel power adapter for GreeceBestek International 220 to 110V Converter Power Strip

If you’re traveling to Greece or elsewhere in Europe and you want to be able to plug in several items, it might make sense to get a power strip. This power strip will work in Greece and elsewhere throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. It has a Type C plug and also includes adapters that allows you to plug it into wall sockets in the UK, US and Australia/China. It gives you three standard US/Canadian power outlets as well as four USB ports. Available in both black and white versions.

Note: This power adapter converts not only the plug but it is also a voltage and frequency converter which means you can use any US device in it, regardless of whether the device has automatic voltage switching (which most modern electronic devices do these days).

Frequently Asked Questions about Greece Travel Power Adapters

Does Greece use the same frequency and voltage as the United States?

No. Power outlets in Greece supply electronics with 230 volts of power at 50 Hz, which is different from the US standard of 110 V at 60 Hz. This means you will need to double check whether the electronic devices you’re taking with you from the US to Europe have automatic internal power voltage converters. Most modern devices like laptops and cell phone chargers will say on their power adapters or bottoms that they function between 100 and 240 V and 50 – 60 hz but if the device you’re using is very cheap or old it might only work using the US frequency and voltage. In that case you will need to purchase a voltage converter in addition to the plug adapter you choose below. We offer a separate article to help you pick the best travel power voltage and frequency converter.

Will I need a voltage converter for my laptop or cell phone or iPad/tablet?

Be sure to check the fine print on the charging brick for your devices but in general most modern electronics products like iPads, iPhones and Macbooks or other laptops will switch voltage internally without a problem. Some old or cheap hairdryers may need a voltage converter however.

What is the difference between Types E/F and Type C Power Outlets?

Type C consists of just a single pair of two thin pins. The Type E/F power plug consists of two rods as well but it also has a grounding element that some sockets will offer, commonly in Germany and France. Type E/F also has slightly larger rods than Type C but it is safe to use a Type C plug in a Type E/F outlet. Type C is slightly more compatible with more outlets than Type E/F because C’s thinner rods will also work in Italian power outlets which have thin rod sockets.

Do you need a travel power adapter if you’re visiting Japan from the USA?

Which Adapter for Thailand? US to Thailand Power Adapters & Plug Converters

The Longest Lightning Charging, Sync Cables for iPhones & iPads

Long Lightning cables can be extremely useful when you need to charge your iPhone or iPad but the port you’re plugging it into is far away– for instance a computer underneath a desk or a wall outlet that’s not directly next to your couch. Even though the Lightning cable that originally came with your iPhone or iPad is only about three feet long, there are third party manufacturers that make MFI certified Lightning cables that are much longer.

Here are some of the longest lighting cables available:

Syncwire – iPhone Charger Lightning Cable – 6.5 ft

Here’s a six and a half foot Lightning cable. That’s more than double the length of the standard Apple Lightning cable that ships with iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. This Lightning charging and data cable also comes in several different colors including black, silver, gold, rose gold and space gray, matching all of Apple’s various different iPhone colors. It also comes in white if you want to match the original iPhone charging cable or iPad charging cable that came with your Apple device originally.

10 Foot Long USB C to Lightning Cable

Apple is transitioning all of their new products to use the new USB-C charging and syncing cables, which is annoying for those of us who have years of USB-A charging bricks from previous iPhones and iPads. But if you’re ready to make the switch, this pack of USB-C to Lightning cables comes with two 10 foot cables and two charging bricks.

Swaggwood Colorful 10 ft Lightning Charging Cables

Who says the longest iPhone charging cables have only come in boring colors? It turns out, there are many super long Lightning cables that come in all sorts of colors, including these 10 foot long Lighting cables that come in a pack of three colors: purple, pink, and yellow.

Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Cable 10ft/3m iPhone Charger Cord

Here’s another one of the longest Lighning USB charging cables available. It measures 10 feet in length and comes in black, white and red color options. Like all of the other long Lightning cables featured in this article, this charging cable works with all current iPhone models as well as iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Nano/iPad Touch (5th generation) devices.

Anker Powerline+ II 10 Foot Braided Nylon Lightning Cable

Some people prefer to buy braided cables when available because they can be more durable in some circumstances where a charging cable can be subjected to a lot of stress. This long Lightning to USB charging cable is protected by braided nylon from one end to the end. It also comes with a convenient velcro cable tie so you won’t make a mess of your extra long Lightning cable when you’re not using it. This iPhone/iPad charging cable is 10 feet long and comes in a variety of other colors as well.

6 Ft Glowing Lightning Charging Cable

Do you want to make the experience of charging your iPhone to be more like the experience of going to a nightclub? Well, boy, have we got a solution for you. Here’s a long Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad that glows while it’s charging. It makes your iPhone easy to find in the dark and also makes it clear at a glance whether or not it’s fully plugged in. Charging your cell phone or iPad will never be boring again.

Need an even longer USB to Lightning charging cable? A USB extension cable might work for what your needs: you simply plug your Lightning cable into it, and plug that into your computer or power brick.

Looking for a short lighting cable instead of a long one? Check out our list of the best short lighting cables for iPhones and iPads.

Apple iPad Pencil Charging Cable (Lightning Male to Female Cable)

The Apple Pencil works great with the iPad pro, but to charge it you need to plug the pencil directly into the Lightning port on the iPad itself, which is both awkward and looks pretty silly. Plus, depending on what type of environment you’re in, charging your Apple Pencil at such an unnatural angle can also cause a problem if something brushes up against the Apple Pencil it could snap off, damaging both the iPad Pro and your stylus. Apple hasn’t provided a solution to this odd charging problem but luckily, there are now some third party iPad Pencil charging cables so you can plug your Apple Pencil into the iPad and not feel (and look) totally dumb doing it. You can use this as an Apple Pencil charging cable, and you can also use it as a Lightning cable extender, depending on the length of the Lightning charging cable you choose.

Here are several different length Apple iPad Pencil charging cables, ranging from short Lightning cables to long Lightning cables:

Short Apple iPad Pencil Charging Cable

This very short 3.5 inch Lightning cable dongle will plug into your iPad’s Lightning port on one end and your iPad’s Apple Pencil on the other to charge it. This Apple Pencil charging cord is flexible and comes in white, matching your iPad’s other cables, like the USB charging cable that Apple makes. Using a charging cable like this one helps save you from having your Apple Pencil plugged into your iPad at an uncomfortable angle that might snap off and damage the pencil or the iPad’s Lightning port or both.

The Medium Length Apple iPad Pencil charging cable
Apple Pencil Charging Cable

Here’s another male to female Lightning cable to charge your Apple Pencil or other Lightning port accessory. This Apple Pencil charging cable measures 1 foot in length and can help you prevent accidental snap off damage to your Apple Pencil while it’s charging.

TechMatte Apple Pencil Lightning Cable Charging Adapter for iPad Pro Female to Female Connector (.75 Inches)
Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

If you’ve got an iPad Pro that you use with your Apple Pencil, then you already have a Lightning charging cable that came with it to charge your tablet, right? Well if so then you can use this female to female adapter to turn that 3 foot long iPad charging cable into a Lightning cable. This is a pretty clever and inexpensive product that lets you use the cable you already have as a charging cable. One nice thing about this Apple Pencil charging cord adapter accessory is that it saves you from having to carry around two cables with you (one iPad charging cable and one Pencil charging cable).

The Long Apple iPad Pencil charging cable
Apple Pencil Charging Cable

Need an even longer Apple Pencil charging cable? Well, here’s a 3 foot long charging cable for your Apple Pencil. Like the other models, this one comes in white and matches your iPad’s normal charging cable. Its length also allows you to separate the pencil from the iPad by several feet, which could be especially handy if you use your iPad pro on an iPad Pro stand.

Charging Dock Station for Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil Charging Dock

Here’s an Apple Pencil charging dock that allows you to put a Lightning charging cable (not included) into the base of it. Note that you’ll need to supply your own Apple Pencil Lightning charging cable: we’d recommend picking this 3.3 foot long one. Comes in white, which goes well with your white Apple accessories.

Apple Pencil Direct Charging Stand with 6 Ft Cable
Apple Pencil Charging Cable

Here’s an Apple Pencil charging stand that includes a generously-long 6 foot USB cable to plug into your computer or a USB wall charger. It comes in white, matching your Apple Pencil, as well as black, gold and rose gold. This Apple Pencil charging stand also includes a handy indentation to stick the pencil cap in when you’re charging it.

Frequently asked questions about Apple Pencil charging cables

Are these “official” Lightning cables made by Apple?

No, for some strange reason, Apple does not make an official Lightning charging cable for its Apple Pencil themselves. These products are made by third party vendors that make accessories for iPads, like cases, charging docks, iPad stands, etc.

How can I see the remaining battery life of my Apple Pencil?

You can check your Apple Pencil’s battery life on your iPad Pro by accessing the Notification Center (in the lock screen of your iPad).

Can I get a replacement Apple Pencil cap if I lose mine?

Yes! There are a number of replacement Apple Pencil caps available on Amazon, including some that have little keeper cords that prevent them from getting lost.

Are there any Apple Pencil alternatives that don’t require charging?
Yes, there are some iPad styluses on the market that do not require charging. You can check out our reviews for iPad Styluses and Apple Pencil alternatives to see the best ones.

Apple Macbook Laptop Magsafe to Magsafe 2 Power Adapter Converters

Apple laptops like Macbooks, Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros use Magsafe power adapters. But somewhere along the line Apple redesigned their Magsafe power adapter so it would take up less space, resulting in a problem for people with some older and newer laptops: the older Apple laptop power adapters wouldn’t work with the newer laptops. Thankfully there is a Magsafe to Magsafe 2 adapter you can get to make your older Macbook power adapter work with a newer laptop.

Apple Macbook Air/Macbook/Macbook Pro Magsafe to Magsafe 2 Adapter
Magsafe to Magsafe 2 Power Adapter Converter

This is the genuine Apple-made Magsafe to Magsafe 2 adapter. It plugs into your old Magsafe power adapter (which plugs in at a right angle) and converts it to a Magsafe 2 (T-shaped) power Apple laptop power adapter. The Magsafe to Magsafe 2 power adapter works with both 45W and 85W devices. Note that this tiny component is easily lost so you may want to get a Magcozy (see below) to help attach it to your power cable.

Magsafe Magcozy adapter keeper
Magsafe to Magsafe 2 Power Adapter Converter

The Magcozy adapter keeper is a very clever little third party device that prevents your Magsafe converter from getting lost. It is a strap made of flexible plastic that holds your Magsafe converter to the power cable itself so it doesn’t go astray. It comes in a variety of colors from white to red, blue and other colors for personalization.

What are The Best Power Strips with Flat Plugs?

Power strips with flat plugs are extremely helpful when you need to plug into an outlet and the amount of room you have for the plug to stick out from the wall is contained, due to furniture, or some other reason. Flat plug power strips can help save you from bent cords or needing to arrange the furniture in a room based off of where the power outlets are, instead of where you really want things to go.

Here are some of the best power adapters with flat plugs:

Belkin 6-Outlet Flat Plug Power Adapter/Surge Protector
Power Strip with Flat Plugs

This is a basic surge protecting power strip with a very flat slimline plug, allowing you to back furniture like bookcases or couches right up against it. It features six outlets and comes in black. The power cable itself measures about 6 feet long (though you can’t see it in the product photo). The plug itself also features a rotating prong setup, meaning it’s mounted on a swivel wheel and you can twist it to any angle to plug this flat plug power adapter at any angle so the cable goes up, down, sideways or any angle you like. There’s also an 8 foot white version of the same flat plug power adapter.

NTONPOWER Travel Power Strip with AC & USB

Many hotels now offer a bedside power outlet (sometimes built into a lamp), but one power outlet is hardly ever enough to charge you and your travel mates’ devices overnight. So a power strip is a great accessory to travel with. And a folding travel power strip can be very useful when space is at a premium in suitcases.

This is a compact travel power strip with a flat plug that plugs into itself when not in use so its cable does not get in the way of your clothes in your suitcase. It has two traditional power outlets and three USB ports for charging phones and tablets. The cable is short: it only measures about 15 inches long, but that’s enough to multiply the number of available outlets in a room (especially on top of a bedside stand) to charge all your electronic devices.

Available in white and black.

Ultra Low Profile Angle Flat Plug Power Adapter
Power Strip with Flat Plug

Sometimes instead of a full power strip with multiple outlets, all you need is a single flat plug power adapter for a single device. For those times, this ultra low profile angle power adapter is the right tool for the job. It measures about a foot in length and provides a single outlet, freed from the constraints of the wall. This product also comes in a three pack with rotating plug heads with a power cable extender that measures 18 inches long.

QVS 3-Prong Outlet Saver Splitter Power Adapter with 90 Degree Flat Plug
Power Strip with Flat Plugs

This flat plug power splitter is similar to the last one because it isn’t a full power strip itself. But instead of offering a single power outlet, it’s a splitter offering two power outlets instead of one, that both plug into the wall with a low profile flag plug. This is a two pack of identical power splitters with flat plugs that reaches 16 inches away from your power outlet on the wall.

Bestek 12-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip With Flat Rotating Plug
Power Strip with Flat Plugs

If you need a power strip with a flat plug and a ton of outlets, the very well-reviewed Bestek 12 outlet surge protector power strip might be a great choice. It features a flat plug that can easily squeeze behind a desk, sofa or entertainment center, and it rotates so it doesn’t matter which angle you plug it in at, and you can fit it into even tight spaces. This power strip also has a few other bells and whistles: two USB outlets for charging your cell phones or tablets, and even grounded phone lines and a coaxial cable/satellite hookup. These features plus surge protection make this the ideal power strip for home theater systems. The cord that plugs into the wall is 6 feet long, and is a heavy duty cable with enough juice to power your television, cable box, stereo, and other devices. Plus, with the layout of the outlets on this power strip (facing three different directions) you’ll be able to plug in several devices that have bulky AC adapters (“wall warts”) at once, unlike some other power strips which place all the outlets next to each other in a row.

Factors to Consider when choosing a power strip with flat plug

How flat the plug actually is – This one is pretty obvious but if you have an exceptionally tight space that you need to plug a power strip into, you’ll want to measure just how much space you have.

The length of the cord part of the power strip – Equally important is measuring to make sure that the power cord any power strip you choose will actually be long enough to reach where you need it to go, and presumably since you need a power strip with a flat plug, space is already at a premium. Make sure that it’s long enough to reach to where you need it to go.

Color – In some cases having a certain color power strip may be jarring or eye-catching in an unwanted manner, so you’ll want to make sure you get the correct color power strip with a flat plug. Several of the power strips with flat plugs mentioned in this list come in both black and white versions. Click through each one to check to see if it’s available in the color you prefer.

Replacement Apple Power Adapters for Macbook Laptops

Apple power adapters can occasionally wear out, either breaking or with fraying cables. They can be repaired with electrical tape for a while, but only so long. In part, the fact that Apple’s Macbook laptops out-last their charging cables is a testimony to the good design and long life of the laptops themselves, if not the durability of the charging cables themselves. Not to worry though because you can easily find replacement power adapters for Macbook laptops.

Replacement power adapters for Apple Macbook & Macbook Pro/Air laptops:

Apple Magsafe 2 Power Adapter for Macbook Pro with Retina Display
Apple Macbook replacement power adapters

If your old Macbook power adapter had a T-shaped power adapter, this is the power adapter for you. It works on Macbook Pros from 2012 and newer and provides 85 watts of power to charge your Apple laptop quickly and efficiently.

Apple 60w Magsafe Power Adapter Charger for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro
Apple Macbook replacement power adapters

If your old Macbook power adapter had a power charging cable that plugged in at a right angle, this is the Macbook charging cable for your Macbook Air or 13 inch Macbook Pro. It provides 60 watts of power to charge your Apple laptop in the shortest amount of time possible.

Apple Magsafe power adapter replacement extension cord
Apple Macbook replacement power adapters

If you need to replace the extension cord for your Macbook laptop charger, this cable is what you need. It gives you an additional five feet of length and offers a three prong power adapter at the end.